About Me

I always knew I wanted to do something creative and practical. At school I was passionate about art; the notion of having a completely blank canvas to create something original and, through  imagination, it having the potential to be beautiful excited me, and I knew I needed to channel that into my chosen career.

A Passion Starts

I still remember my first interaction with flowers where I thought how much I just loved them. I was 6 years old and I bought my mum a rose on a school trip, and the whole time I carried it home I was just fascinated by its beauty. I am now a wedding florist because, next to my family, beautiful flowers are my passion in life

My Perfect Day

My perfect day is out in the work shed as the dawn is breaking, freezing cold and its just me, the flowers and the concept of what I am creating; the idea that I can help make someone’s special day just a bit more special is worth all the early starts, the wholesale runs and the preparation.

Years Of Experience

When I left school the obvious choice was floristry. I  discovered early on that I had not only a passion but a skill for creating inspiring arrangements, as I received ‘student of the year’ and awards for my designs. I then went on to work in retail floristry for 12 years, honing my skills and expanding my knowledge and experiences. I have created for weddings at places such as Rhinefield House New Forest, Haven Hotel Sandbanks and Lulworth Castle Dorset.

The Personal Touch

I feel passionately that flowers are vital in creating the right look and feel on the most special day of your lives. The flowers you choose are an extension of your personality. If you like design lead influences, country garden inspiration, or are just persuaded by the romance of beautiful flowers, I can help you develop your ideas and capture what it is you want so I can create the perfect look for you on your day.

That’s what my business is about, I’m hard working, passionate, experienced and I can create the weddings of dreams. I know what it is to be a bride, and I know what it is to support and meet the needs of brides. I’m lucky enough to be based in one of the most beautiful parts of the country and I take a lot of inspiration from that.

“There is design to suit everyone, and I look forward to creating memories for brides to hold now and forever.”

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