Wedding Flowers and the finishing touches

An eye for detail can make all of the difference when it comes to delivery of wedding flowers. Not only do I take the utmost care when handling and shaping wedding flowers but also to the little details that make big impacts. I love to spend time developing the finishing touches such as stem cuts, precise wire binding and tidy ribboning with pearl pins.

When creating wedding flowers I like to focus my perfectionism to provide my clients with the best possible displays.



Autumnal wedding flowers

We are now in the season that sees many brides and grooms embrace the colours and textures of the time of year. Autumn wedding colours are beautiful, oranges and browns with wood and bark textures bring nature into the design of the big day and create a warming feel during the colder weather.

On her website Design Seeds Jessica posts wonderful colour pallets and even provides an easy-to-use tool for choosing seasonal colour schemes.

Wedding Headdresses

My Instagram followers (see my Instagram feed here) know that I have a passion for wedding headresses, unusual for a wedding florist in Dorset, I know!

Using a huge variety of flowers and colour schemes I think they look particularly stunning and can really add an individual element to any wedding. Typically a wedding headdress is reserved for flower girls and young bridesmaids, taking inspiration from this and a fantasy styling I love to buck the tradition and design floral head dresses for adults.

You can see more examples of my headdresses on my showcase gallery and instagram feed.

Wedding Lantern Flower Displays

I love to see a mix of traditional and modern styles incorporated into wedding floristry. Recently the traditional candle lantern has been making an appearance at more and more of the weddings that I create flowers for.

I took the concept of the traditional lantern and thought that I could ‘brighten it up’ (pun intended) with a colourful array of flowers. Again this method of room display is not restricted solely to weddings and looks beautifully at home at a range of different events.

You can see further examples of wedding flower lanterns on my Wedding Flower Gallery or my Instagram feed

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